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Welcome to Starry Night.

In the distant future humanity has gone to the stars. As so many times in the past as an empire is built and expanded the native populations are subjugated and displaces. This time instead of native people it is other intelligent life forms that have met this fate. Thing have gotten better since then, but there still is 2 classes of sentient life, Citizen of the Republic and non-citizen. If you are not lucky enough to be born in a sphere the only way to earn your citizen ship is through military service.

Most people completing their service move their families to a sphere. Dyson sphere are the heart of the empire, this is where all the industry and technology are centered. Planetary Colonies is a broad term as they range from a small village to and completely populated planet in size. The planetary colonies are established for convince shipping stops or for the resources on or near that planet. This vast difference in wealth and civil right has created a resentment in the colonies that has lead to several failed rebellions.

The current government is the Republic of Terra, while it elects its officials it is rife with corruption and nepotism. This problem get worse the further from a sphere you are to the point of many colonies having Dukes. These Dukes are usually citizens and utilize the planetary militias to brutally enforce their rule.

Religion has long since died out leaving a gap of belief filled by the wonders of technology. However some of the older polytheistic religions are cropping up again in the colonies. This is accompanied by reports of practitioners being capable of seemingly magical feats, which are written off as backwoods people being marveled by some technology just reaching them.

Dyson Spheres

Ion Craft
Worm Holes
Warp Drive
Plasma Engine
Space Elevators
Magnetic levitation

Kinetic Energy Weapons
Particle Weapons
Lasers Weapons
Chemical Propulsion Weapons

Force Fields
Carbon Nanotubes

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Main Page

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