Dyson Spheres

A Dyson sphere or structure is a mega structure designed to surround a star and collect it emission. The republic uses 3 variant of this structure sphere, stacked rings, and cylinders. All people living in dyson structure have access to the most advanced technology and are living in a virtual utopia. There is plenty of room, no pollution, no poverty, and almost no crime. There are many options to live in a rural or city like area as well. To take up residence you need to be a citizen and they are seen ans spoiled and entitled by the rest of the republic. These structures house 40% of the republic population and 90% of it citizens. These structures are heavily protected by the military for many thing that could damage or destroy them as the loss of one wound severely impact the empire.

Dyson Cylinders

The top and bottom of the cylinder are covered with solar panels to provide all the energy. The cylinder rotates to create artificial gravity. Due to its shape it has all the climates that were on earth from rain forest to arctic poles. This shape also allows easy transport via mag lev trains. These were the first type of dyson structure, and are the places that process the raw material brought in from the colonies. Making the cylinders the technology, commerce, and cultural centers accounting for 99% of high level technology production. These structures can be completely self reliant as the are capable of produce enough food for its population along with the ability to create any technology they need.

Dyson Stacked Rings

Made of several rings with varying diameter to stay in the maximum area for growing plants and life stock. Each ring interdependent spins to create artificial gravity, this makes transport between rings problematic. Like in the cylinders the poles are flat cover in solar panels for power. These worlds are capable for growing any type of food and provide food for many of the colonies, military, and star lifter dyson spheres.

Dyson Star lifters

Are spherical structures with 2 openings at the poles. The entire inside is cover with solar panels to collect the vast amount of energy need for star lifting. Laser are fired at the star surface to super heat it causing a constant solar flair. Around the equator of the star are several rings of particle accelerators working in tandem to create a magnetic field squeezing the star forcing the flares to launch from the poles. Once the flares exit via the poles of the sphere they are separated by magnetic fields created by another set of particle accelerators acting like a mass spectrometer. Once the H and He are separated the are package and collected in space make artificial gas giant solely made of H or He. The Hydrogen is used to fuel fusion reactors and the creation of start and black holes. The He is harvested and brought to the outer shell of the sphere. The He is used to create anti matter, negative matter, and exotic matter via the particle accelerators covering the shell. There are numerous space stations orbiting the sphere where the workers live. These have all the same perks of living in any one of the other dyson spheres except travel between stations is via space craft.

Dyson Spheres

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